Freezing Farm Fun

 As a mom it seems there are not enough hours in the day. More often than not when I finally sit down at the end of the day, I feel that I have not had enough quality time with my little guy. I work full time, and on the days that we have the big kids am helping with homework, packing lunch boxes and googling how to do common core math all while figuring out what is for dinner and when J needs to leave for dance. It is exhausting. It is motherhood. Now, I am not complaining whatsoever. It is just crazy. I know that outside our four walls millions of other moms share my frustration. I dream of coming home, dinner piping hot on the table, a beer awaiting my lips, and all my laundry folded (and put away). Today I did not feel this way. Today rocked.

I was up bright and early with Pax. We went downstairs, just the two of us, to snuggle while he drank his milk and put on a movie. I snuck away once he was enthralled in the story and made some coffee and figured out what we would do for dinner later that night. I quickly prepped some brussels sprouts and marinated some chicken (making a mental note to go to the farm later to pick up some potatoes). J was at dance, so I had the opportunity to go out to breakfast with just the guys! When we got home we had a Dino-dance party and played cars until Pax hit minor melt down status and took a nap. After some lunch we bundled up and ventured to the best little farm stand only a mile or so from our house.

It is a fairly new establishment that has local produce, goats, chickens, pigs, an amazing little Lebanese section of homemade goodies and a cafe that you don't want to leave. We headed over to the animals first per request of the little guy. He has a blast making silly noises at the goats and listening to their response. It was awesome.


When you are a mother, especially of a young one, you see the world from this different point of view. Everything is so new and exciting for them. I fear the day (which I know will come) when he doesn't want to go in "Mumma's car" for an adventure or when he is embarrassed to say "Have a nice day!" as loud as he can to the cashier when we leave. That day is not yet here, so we made silly noises together at the goats, counted chickens and said goodnight to the pigs who didn't come out of their pen. It took some convincing (okay bribery), but I got him to say bye to the animals and come into the farm-stand for some hot chocolate, a honey stick and to buy some potatoes and milk. As I juggled all my groceries and a slightly above temp hot chocolate, I decided to put down our purchases, take the lid off the drink and let it cool for a few minutes while I talked to him about what we did at the farm. He took a few sips once it was cooled and was not thrilled to leave, but I promised him we'd be back soon. 

                                   Before he was told we had to leave...

                                  Before he was told we had to leave...