Whole 31

Somewhere along the lines someone decided 365 days equalled a year and then we, again decided that in celebration of that new year we would revamp ourselves in to a better version of ourselves. "Out with the old and in with the new". I'm guilty, I've tried it. Then a month or so goes by and I, like most, tend to fall back into my old ways. I have no shame when it comes to food. My husband was an executive chef until very recently (later post to come on that whole transition on our lives), and makes some beautiful food. Some of that food is guilt free, and some not so much. I am also a sucker for chocolate and admittedly start my day with an oversized cup of coffee with whole milk and sugar. Taking a step out of my self and attempting to look in, I see that a HUGE part of my diet is sugar...and carbs...and sugar. Ugh.

I have struggled with skin issues since I was a pre-teen/teen and into adulthood I imagined my skin transforming into something resembling Cindy Crawford's ageless glow. WRONG. My skin improved somewhat, but not to the point where I thought it would. I always wear makeup. ALWAYS. I mean, I wash my face before bed and all, but I wouldn't dream about running errands or going to work without anything on my face. I know water intake is important, yet I haven't been doing it. My diet is NOT the best, but I'm not unhappy with my body. So my thought was why change it? I love food, I WANT to indulge. I do NOT want to live my life full of restriction. If I do this, it is going to suck.

The idea of the Whole 30 "diet" is that you remove sugar, legumes, processed foods, dairy etc from your diet. After the 30 days you can reintroduce things one at a time back into your diet. An Instagram friend is doing the Whole 30 and I started thinking...hmmm why not. Maybe eliminating things from my diet will improve my skin...and it will definitely improve my overall health. I have toyed with starting a blog for awhile as well as posting something along the lines of a journey of health and fitness. This has terrified me because once it's out there I have to fully commit, or be okay with failing and people knowing. 

I figured, I am 31 now (OMG I'm 31). There is no time like the present, and Cindy Crawford didn't get that skin or bod by eating Swiss Rolls (which I not so secretly love). So, I will document this journey. Probably not an everyday documentary...because sometimes my life is so hectic that I have to shut myself in the bathroom with the laptop or my phone to have 3 moments of silence and "me" time. 

For now I am going to finish my beer while digesting the leftover english muffin smothered peanut butter and jelly that my son didn't finish. See you on the other side.