I love coffee. I've loved it since I was in the fifth grade and would walk to Dunkin Donuts with my babysitter. I would spend the money my mom would give me on (I'm ashamed to say) an iced coffee with extra cream and extra sugar. Over time, I weaned myself away from the copious amounts of sugar down to 2 sugars and whole milk. I no longer drink Dunks (unless in a serious caffeine fit) but crave richer fuller coffee.

After going to Spain on my honeymoon and reading up on customs and courtesies in the south of Spain, while somewhere over the Atlantic, I learned that I LOVED cortado. Cortado is equal parts espresso and steamed milk which cuts the acidity. It is served in the cutest cups (we are so used to the bigger the better here in the states). I was slightly mortified at the miniature sized coffee the first time I ordered it. I thought how is this small amount of coffee going to get me going for the day? I was wrong. It was delicious and did the trick!

I have an extreme sweet tooth, and other than the short stint of attempting the Whole 30 (read my post on failures and triumphs), I am sure to have chocolate or something comparable daily. My stepdaughter Julianna shares my love for coffee and is asking habitually if we have any ice-cream, even if she was the last one to polish off the half gallon! Ever since the little guy arrived we try to make time for girl trips to Target for shopping and Starbucks happen as much as possible (a nice and necessary escape from the boys). This past week has been a doozy of snowstorms leaving us stranded to the house. The kids even had a snow day today! I figured, if we can't get to Starbucks, we'll being Starbucks to us! I've been wanting to make affogato for awhile now and figured being snowed in was a great time to give it a shot!

I did make a homemade vanilla ice-cream base with intentions of making some homemade java chip ice-cream. Unfortunately, the insert to the machine wouldn't freeze! We ended up having to "settle" for Breyer's All Natural Vanilla. I put some chocolate covered espresso beans in the food processor to sprinkle on top of our ice-cream. I long for owning an espresso machine (think of all the things I could accomplish with more caffeine...), but we brewed some extra strong coffee as a substitute!


To make the affogato:

Brew extra strength coffee to your liking (we use a french press)

Place a large scoop vanilla ice-cream/gelato into glass (make sure glass is cold! Place in the freezer for a few minutes before hand)

Top ice-cream with chocolate covered espresso beans or another topping if you wish

Pour coffee over the ice-cream and enjoy!