Pasta Disaster

We had an amazing dinner party last night! My parents offered to take Paxton for the night and it was the first time we hosted friends for dinner since ripping our house apart to renovate a year ago. It was just one of those awesome days. It started out hanging around the house in my pajamas for hours on end with coffee and quality time with my little guy. From there I went to to grab some blinds for our violently bright first floor windows and got my hair done! There is just something about someone else washing your hair! I wish I could hire someone to do it for me everyday. 

When I got home, I started helping prepare for our dinner party, a small group of only six of us. It was an amazing night of wine, laughs and of course amaaaazing food. I was up until after 2:00am which is unheard of these days considering I'm usually up by 5:30! We had cleaned the kitchen and dining room before heading to bed (as I hate waking up to a dirty house). Plus, when you've had a few glasses of wine everything seems easier and more manageable, even cleaning at 2:00am. When I woke up in the morning all I had to do was sweep and wash down the floors. So, thats exactly what I did, then sat my rear on the couch with a cup of coffee.

As I glanced over at the kitchen I noticed that the floor still looked smudged in spots, so I grabbed a rag and hand buffed the spots out. I ran out to pick Pax up from my parents and brought him home  to make him some pasta before his nap. "I want the letter pasta! The little ones" he said to me. It was too cute, so I made him the "little pasta" with butter and some cheese and went to wash the pot and a few other dishes. I heard "OMG babe" from the hubby's mouth and turned around to see this...

As furious as I was at the fact I had just finished washing the floors, I was holding back laughter. It was one of those "you're lucky you're so cute moments". After reprimanding him for throwing his food everywhere, I told him he had to sit on the steps. He knew it was serious. So, I sat him on the step as a I contemplated how I was going to attack this messy situation. We ended up letting it sit on the floor to dry up a little because anyone who had tried sweeping anything like teeny tiny pasta knows that it ends up making more of a mess than anything else. Pax apologized, "I sorry for putting letters on the floor mommy. I get my broom". Then that little monster helped me "clean" up his mess. 

We still had the camera out from last nights dinner party. "Grab the camera" I said to Patrick. These are the moments that we will look back on and miss. I know that in the blink of an eye I will be dealing with him being a reckless teenager and being interested in girls and I will wish that a pasta disaster was my biggest problem.